We can save baby animal, and NOT the HUMAN Baby Animals  ~ aww

Found this little guy…

🙊So Cute. Pinner found this baby squirrel in a bag of mulch and proceeded to foster the little thing, documenting it's growth as it went along.

Baby Owl Pictures: Photos of Cute Animals, Young Owls

What Is Your Animal Soulmate?

I want to pet a cute little owl. Ok so now I want to own a cute little owl

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Baby Owl

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Baby hamster Animals Love Their Babies, I will never tire of cute baby animals! (especially bunnies) Baby owl Baby Animal Love


This is NOT a wise Owl. This is a species called "The Nerd Owl".

When finals or life bogs you down, find little things that make you smile!

Strange Baby Animals

Pinning this for the caption: Wants vs Needs: I want a baby hippo, but I don't need a baby hippo. But this is so adorable. Perhaps a baby hippo needs me. I'm gettin a baby hippo.How does one acquire a baby hippo?

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Baby polar bear playing in the snow.

Baby polar bear playing adorably with snow.More cute baby animals here, that will make you go AWWWW! Save the adorable polar bears!

Cute, Cute, Cute, EXTRA CUTE. I love babies, even the crying ones - all babies, fur and flesh!

Cute, Cute, Cute, Wait…

Can I have a baby owl, and a baby hippo, skip the baby human, and a baby hedgehog please!oh, and a baby bear:)