Packard Model 1-38 Runabout - 1913

1913 Packard Six Runabout The material which I can produce is suitable for different flat objects, e.: cogs/casters/wheels… Fields of use for my material: DIY/hobbies/crafts/accessories/art. My material hard and non-transparent. My contact: tatjana.

1955 Packard Clipper Custom Constellation Two Door Hardtop

1955 Packard Clipper Custom Constellation Two Door Hardtop advert

Secure Auto Shipping Inc Here is how we do it. #LGMSports transport it with 1953 Packard Ad-14

1953 Ad - The New (Blue) Packard - 'How long has it been since you drove a Packard?

1946 Packard Ad-05

Packard had an early hand in co-branding. This ad features “Two star performers: the globe-girdling Pan American Clipper and the beautiful new Packard Clipper.

On March 20, 1928, James Ward Packard died. His eponymous company, however, lived on.

New BMW X5 spied both inside and out on public roads

1935 BIG Vintage Packard Twelve 12 Le Baron Lebaron Cabriolet Car Art Print Ad

thesorrowsofgin: “ oldschooliscool: “ Packard senior lines advertising for the 1935 model year.