Washington’s Ordinary Adventures

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This xD

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The French Mistake is seriously my favorite episode of anything ever. Fourth wall? What fourth wall? Lol supernatural freaking shatters that thing again and again.

The Princesses.

The Princesses.

For school i'd be, Ariel and Tiana (from Princess and the frog)For the steam punk one i'd be Snow White.For stylized punk i would be Belle.And for gothique i would be Belle and Tiana.

Uber long. Uber worth it.

The Complete Bememean Rhapsody

Mulan = Reality

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Me....it's actually frightening how much I am like this

"Perfect post reeks of perfection" :) the problem is the "tv series" that they're talking about is probably Sherlock or Doctor Who. Watch Supernatural, but I plan to when I'm done with those two.

This has to happen

I swear if he's still alive when I die, if someone does not pay Benedict to burst into my funeral and say this, I will haunt them for life


Did you mean: A) Loki and/or Sherlock B) Tom Hiddleston and/or Benedict Cumberbatch<<< or British people generally

Disney/Avatar Crossover.

Disney/Avatar Crossover.

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Hard to decide if this picture made me laugh so hard I cried... or if it made me cry so hard I laughed...

Footprints in the Sand.That long groove over there is where I dragged you for…

Poor otter

"Zachary Quinto and Martin Freeman go shopping together and buy matching outfits just to mess with Benedict's mind." <----- really funny comment.

Shakespeare insult kit.

Shakespeare insult kit.

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Jim Moriarty gives you a murder case because they aren't your housekeeper...

Sherlock Birthday Game Me: Irene Adler runs an experiment on me because they are sherlocked My Mom: Jim Moriarty leaves Baker Street while holding her at gun point. My Dad: Mycroft Holmes brings him a tray of tea while holding him at gun point.

I don't always herdy dur mur flerpty floopin...

Der derpity…

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