Aleksandra Kulecka

Aleksandra Kulecka

Aleksandra Kulecka
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How To Create An Infinite Room In C4D & Octane on Vimeo

In this tutorial we learn how to create a classic infinite room. First we learn how to do it natively in using the gradient, projection and background object…

Mastering Cinema 4D Octane Renderer Basics - Tutorial Part I - YouTube

Mastering Cinema Octane Renderer Basics - Tutorial Part I

Random Color Node - Octane for Cinema4D | MNIB - YouTube

Hey guys MNIB here bringing you the fifth installation of my Octane tutorial series!

C4D TUTORIAL: How To Do Origami Modelling In Cinema 4D - Motion And Design

CreativMotion has uploaded a new modelling tutorial for Cinema In this one, you'll learn how to model shapes origami style. Very interesting look, check it out: CINEMA // ORIGAMI MODELLING TUTORIAL from creativMotion on Vimeo.