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Alena Shtabina
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Commonly Confused Adjectives with Explanations

Commonly confused adjectives infographic // it stresses me out how many grammatical errors are made with the confusion of these words

For all of you with English exams coming up - Imgur

What to say instead of very.replacing gradable adjectives with ungradable adjectives/extreme qualities.

Know Your Dashes - Writers Write

Using dashes when you write . know when to use the hypen, en-dash and em-dash…

Tools for Improving Writing BUNDLE

7 Engaging products to help improve students' writing skills. Students def need to work on all of these, just a bit pricey.

If any of you write, want to write, or have writers block, this is good. Maybe…

The only 12 writing rules you'll ever need - Applies to art too. And then making art about it (If only someone else would do the dishes. I'd make art in gratitude!