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Spine tattoos for men have a wonderful place, literally, in the world of ink art. Check out the best spine tattoo ideas and designs for guys here.

Egyptian Tattoo Designs for Men and Women (42)

Among the various tattoo designs like Tribal tattoo design that one that is gaining its popularity is the Egyptian Tattoo Designs for Men and Women.

Unique pose. I have not seen done until now.

practicing yoga is one of my passions and would love to see more guys practicing. i'll be posting pictures my friends and teachers practicing, as well as other pictures and articles i find related to yoga for men.

.solid! I haven't seen this variation before..

Austin Yoga Teacher Noah Villalobos can be seen in my YOGA MEN 2015 Calendar. Order yours HERE.


Enneatype number Im always trying to find ways to reach happiness. I'm a Spanish boy living in Madrid and I will try to do this stuff in English, sorry for the "inconvenience" :D