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an old red flag with arabic writing on it and a star, moon, and crescent
Flag of the Young Turk movement, c. 1908 Embroidered in white: ”Adalet” (Justice), “Hürriyet” (freedom), “Müsavit” (equality), “Uhuvvet” (brotherhood) and “Ittihat” (unit).
a red cloth with arabic writing on it
AN OTTOMAN BANNER Altın Sırma Saçaklı Osmanlı Sancak
an old poster with many different types of boats on it's sides and in the middle
an image of the flag of turkey with some words written in arabic and english on it
Neşe'nin gözdeleri
Çanakkale şehitleri anısına.... Antalya, Turkey, Yemeni, Asker, Anzac
Çanakkale şehitleri anısına....
MELİS CAN - Google+ Art, Diriliş Ertuğrul, Iman, Turkish Army, Jalaluddin Rumi
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MELİS CAN - Google+
an odd looking object is hanging from a hook in a room with the caption't two bulletes that collided mid - air at gallop
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Epic Coincidence
a green banner with arabic writing on it
Ottoman Banner & Osmanlı Sancak
the flag of turkey with words written in different languages
Bir bitmediniz gitti derken, sonunuz geliyor, kökünüz kazınacak, her ne kadar…
a man riding on the back of a brown horse with a bow and arrow in his hand
Ali Ghoorchian, Horseback Archer
Turkoman horse archer, displaying "the Parthian Shot".
a book cover with an image of two birds
Ne mutlu "Türk'üm" diyene!
the flag of turkey painted on an old cracked concrete wall with stars and crescents
göktürkçe türk logosu - proto turks alphabets
an old stone slab with writing on it
Türk Asya - Asian Turkish, Тюрки России
Göktürk Kitabeleri. Remnant of ancient Turkic epigraphs artifacts at an archaeological site in Mongolia. The Gokturks are the oldest nomadic people in Central Asia that left records of their own language in their own writing system. Because of a superficial resemblance to the Runic alphabet, the alphabet is also known as Orkhon or Turkic runes. This resemblance is probably a result of the writing materials used - most inscriptions are in hard surfaces, such as stone or wood, and curved line...
a woman riding on the back of a brown horse next to a black and white background
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Kurtuluş Savaşında TÜRK Kadını
a large stone standing in the middle of a field
Orhun Yazıtlarının Türk Tarihi, Dili ve Kültürü Açısından Önemi | Sanat Duvarı
Orhun Yazıtlarının Türk Tarihi, Dili ve Kültürü Açısından Önemi
the side of a tall building with writing on it's sides and sky in the background
Göktürk - türk rovásírás #turk #turan #script
the turkey flag is on top of an eagle's head, and it appears to be flying in the air