"Just one more episode" "Just one more bite" "Just one more minute" "Just one more arm then the summoning area will be ready" "Just one more sip of tea" "Just one more box of cookies" "Just one more minute then I'll go eat" "Just one more potato chip"

I get to be Rose, so you have to be Blanche, but I don't cook or clean....I just eat and sleep...oh and I speak with a deep Southern accent like you. Anything else and I'll let you know.....ROFL

"Some days are really lousy, but God is still God and God is still good." -my dad That's a little chicken nugget of truth that I think is worthy of all our happy dances & all our praise!

Hello... I'm Maria, I'm industrial designer and here are some photos to inspire me... it's a blog about style, design, food and coffee.. little things that make our everyday life better..

So Adorabowl!

THIS. I showed it to my little brother and he didn't get it so I tried walking him through it saying "What does this say?" "You're" "And what's this?" "Uh, a spaceship?" WHAT? I love him though. :D