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The heart and soul of ALEX AND ANI. Charity by Design promotes love, empowerment and community. Each of these products supports a special cause with 20% of all sales donated directly to the charity partner.


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Have you seen our latest #charitybydesign bangle? Double click to watch...

  • Toby Lapin
    Toby Lapin

    I love all the items Alex and Ani feature. I especially enjoy seeing the latest and newest creations! :) love contests with chance to win !! :)

  • Jewelry Factory & Agency Company LinJie
    Jewelry Factory & Agency Company LinJie

    really nice!

  • Shannon Keane
    Shannon Keane

    Melissa Giardelli

Special Olympics #PowerOfUnity

  • Izzy

    I love this bracelet!!!! This organization means so much to me, especially for the impact it has left on my brother!! Thank you for bringing attention to an amazing organization!!! #PowerOfUnity

  • Hello Kitty
    Hello Kitty

    I want this one , I do special Olympics track & field, with the center of hope in southbridge massachusetts

#Printsoflove #ASPCA

  • Tiffany

    freaken cute

  • Kim Couto
    Kim Couto

    Got mine today!

#SweetMelody #VH1SaveTheMusic

Bike, #PanMassChallenge

  • Molly Baratta
    Molly Baratta

    Same!! Love

  • Charity By Design
    Charity By Design

    Amy Townsend we're so glad to hear you love our #bike charm Amy! It's part of our Charity by Design collection and supports PanMass Challenge

  • Molly Baratta
    Molly Baratta

    Love alex and ani

  • Amy Townsend
    Amy Townsend

    I love this!!!!!!! Never seen this one!

Sweet Treats #GiveKidsTheWorld

#ZestForLife #AlexsLemonadeStandFoundation

#odetotheowl #RWPZoo

  • Michele Locke
    Michele Locke



    I'm waiting for my delivery in the mail:)

  • Lenore Mieth
    Lenore Mieth

    Me too!!!

  • Kristen Buckley Lange
    Kristen Buckley Lange

    Oh want love this

Sunflower #AlzheimersAssociation

  • Charity By Design
    Charity By Design

    Joyce Kerensky our #sunflower charm is part of our Charity by Design collection and supports the Alzheimers Association

  • Joyce Kerensky
    Joyce Kerensky

    These look interesting

  • Joyce Kerensky
    Joyce Kerensky

    I really like this one.


  • Charity By Design
    Charity By Design

    We hope you add #newbeginnings to your collection soon Trena!

  • Trena Lee
    Trena Lee

    Must have! !

Create peace of mind

  • Charity By Design
    Charity By Design

    Our pleasure AJ! We feel so honored to be able to partner with Peace Love Studios for this bangle to help spread awareness for mental illness!

  • AJ

    Thank you for this beautiful bangle for the not always "fashionable" topic of mental illness. Not only will it raise much needed funds, but perhaps, open a much needed dialog about mental illness in our country today.

Alex and Ani's collection supporting charities everywhere!

Give the gift of life #DonateLife

  • Charity By Design
    Charity By Design

    We're so glad to hear you both like this bangle Sarah and Ashly!

  • Queenie💋🏁👑


  • Sara Neihouse
    Sara Neihouse

    I love this!! I'm such an advocate of being a donor. I never understand why people don't agree.

Special Delivery #MarchOfDimes

  • Erika Gonzalez
    Erika Gonzalez

    So cute! LaToya Phelps

  • LaToya Phelps
    LaToya Phelps

    I love these Erika Gonzalez

  • Charity By Design
    Charity By Design

    You're welcome! We're so excited to share our newest addition with everyone and partner with such a wonderful organization!

  • Julie Scott
    Julie Scott

    Thank you for this. #marchforbabies #lovemypreemie #strongmama

Living Water For Women

Whole Heart, American Heart Association Southern New England

  • Charity By Design
    Charity By Design

    Thank you all for supporting American Heart with us!

  • Sarah Quigley
    Sarah Quigley

    I got this for valentines day from m th cuz!!

  • Angela McCue
    Angela McCue

    Love it! Bought mine today .

  • Kate Castonguay
    Kate Castonguay

    I want this!

  • pete p
    pete p

    You will get it boo

Motorcycle, Toys For Tots

Completely Blessed, Blessings In A Backpack

AZA, Penguin

Arms of Strength, Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation

  • Renee Ciarleglio Mihailescu
    Renee Ciarleglio Mihailescu

    I think I'll buy this next weekend

Joe Andruzzi Foundation, Positive Is How I Live

  • Annette Williams Vogel
    Annette Williams Vogel

    Just ordered this bangle - excited about wearing it as a daily reminder to stay positive in any situation I may face.

  • Charity By Design
    Charity By Design

    We couldn't agree more!

  • goaloop® got a goal? goaloop it!
    goaloop® got a goal? goaloop it!

    What a wonderful reminder to always strive for a bright outlook on life!

Strength in Full Bloom, OCRF

  • ................................................... Nevermore
    ................................................... Nevermore

    My mom was just diagnosed.

  • Lauren Corbin
    Lauren Corbin

    I wear this in memory of my Mom!

  • Charity By Design
    Charity By Design

    What a beautiful reminder for your sister-in-law Christine!

  • Christine Schwetz
    Christine Schwetz

    I wear this in memory of my beautiful sister-in-law Diana.

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Roger Williams Park Zoo #CharmedByCharity