A Complete Guide To Develop A Healthy Soul

A Complete Guide To Develop A Healthy Soul

Recovery is about addressing your mind body & soul. Here are 21 Ways to Nourish Your Body and Elevate Your Mind:

jeffrey allen 6 muscles of spiritual fitness infographic

The 6 Muscles of "Spiritual Fitness" (Infographic

Click the pin for more Spiritual Healing. jeffrey allen 6 muscles of spiritual fitness infographic

Balance your chakras with essential oils.- Essential oils are aromatic liquids found within many shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds. These liquids not only offer fragrance to plant life, but they also carry nutrients and oxygen throughout the plant system. For thousands of years, people have been using these oils, often referred to as the “life blood” of a plant, for everything from aromatherapy to personal beauty and cleaning products.

Balance your chakras with essential oils-i prefer rose oil over Eucalyptus for the heart chakra.

heart chakra affirmation

I am loved; I let love in. I am kind to myself. I live in peace and gratitude. I am a SunGoddess! Brought to you by SunGoddess Magazine: Igniting the Powerful Goddess WIthin


Throat Chakra affirmation: I play in my imagination. I create my reality. I know and share my truth.

Jason Crandell - Immune Booster Sequence

Essential Sequence: Immune Booster

I've done this sequence and several others on his website./'Tis the season to feel sickly, but luckily yoga can boost your immune system. Jason Crandell put together an immune boosting sequence to help eliminate winter illness.

Cut stress in 15-minutes with these mindfulness techniques | The Caregiver Space

Meditation Proves Its Value For Health And Wealth Taking a few moments everyday to reflect can reduce stress and increase quality of life! Here are 5 mindfulness tips to reduce anxiety and improve health well being.

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