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♥ Spiffy Pet Stuff ♥ DIY cat scratcher or grooming station. Don't need to buy those fancy scratchers. This will do just fine.

Cats have their own language, and if you manage to learn it you will be rewarded!

How to Find a Common Language With Your Cat


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Selbst gebauter Kratzbaum aus altem Baumstamm, mit Kunstfell und Kuscheldecke, gefunden auf "Zeigt her eure Wohnung" #DIY #Katze

Self-assembled scratching post from old tree trunk, with artificial fur and cuddly blanket .

These are great cat scratching posts!

I will totally have pets that are this spoiled one day. Out of the Dog House: 25 Awesome Pet Habitats Photo

Katzenspielzeug selber machen

Easy Cat Toys to Make from Wine Corks

Your cat will love these easy cat toys to make from wine corks. All it takes is a few other items you have around the house for cute homemade cat toys

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