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I cried so much I kind of hated Oda for letting Ace die!

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This art is not okay! But...I just had to repin this...u feel my sadness??

I love Garp. I really want to see Luffy and Garp to have a sappy family moment.--> what're you talking about Luffy and Garp DID have a great family reunion-Garp pumbled Luffy for falling asleep even though he fell asleep too

Gray now your teaching your habits to women?! Naughty Gray xD

Gray now your teaching your habits to women? And Lucy Gray strips down to just his undies not to full nakedness.

Any one else notice the suns face?

School Days really frighten me.I mean seriously from zero to fucking insane in 3 seconds.<<<<My reaction to School Days was exactly how Juvia was

Zoro XD if he made it out, it'd be by pure stupid luck

You only understand it when you have watched Another xD (Yu-Gi-Oh!

DoffySpider, DoffySpider

Luffy swatting domflamingo (creepy ass spider) with Trafalgar Law hiding behind luffy piece

Law, Kid, Ace, Sabo, Luffy -one piece

Law playing with the pre-school kids ~~ Law, Kid, Ace, Sabo, Luffy (One Piece)

Lol, this is so true. But I also like NaruHina. Not to mention SasuNaru is cute.

Narumen - I don't ship Naruto and Sakura or Naruto and Hinata but Naruto and Ramen? Hell yes!