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Not for junior infants but fab idea for older children. Love building self esteem activities, often overlooked by teachers!! As important if not more important than the academics!!

Fabulous Fourth Grade: Teaching Students about Adjectives!

Describe it poster- good for expressive language and describing

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This is a buzzfeed quiz and not at all related, but I like the idea of this art project when teaching character traits and word choice!

Which Word Best Describes You?

Monster Describing and Guessing Game FREE by Super Power Speech

Monster Describing and Guessing Game (FREE)

texture // adjectives. so many speech students tell me that everything is smooth! this would be a great visual

Printable material - Learn about texture

Did the green, enormous, slimy frog leap into the pond? OR Did the enormous, slimy, green frog leap into the pond? This complete, interactive , 43 page Adjective Order mini-unit is perfect for teaching your 4th grade students about the types of adjectives and how to correctly order adjectives in their writing and speaking. $

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nerdy as all hell, but I've often wondered about this and I don't think I was ever really taught adjective order in English class. I usually just go by what sounds best, instinctually, to me.


Today, we used adjectives to describe ourselves! First, I had the students use their white boards to brainstorm 7 adjectives. This allowed me to quickly fix their spelling as well as correct any words that weren't actually adjectives. Then, they made this project (copied their adjectives onto small pieces of white paper, drew/cut themselves out, and wrote their name at the top):

Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons: Adjective Activities

Positive reframes

Recreation Therapy Ideas: Positive Reframes

words to describe a persons voice

Writing Aid - words that describe someone's voice


Writing Aid - words that describe someone's voice

Do this for 5 senses theme week. Pass this around while all the children are sitting in a circle!

Early Childhood Scribbles: Our Five Senses

Shift Word Choice in the Favor of Emotion by Herschell Gordon Lewis via marketingawesomeness #Writing #Word_Choice

Marketers being Awesome

Free PowerPoint presentation: basic adjective vocabulary. Print 4/page to make flash cards!

Ms. Lane's SLP Materials: Receptive Language: Basic Adjectives

Practice Identifying Attributes with this fun adapted book! Answer: How many? What color? What is it? while creating complete sentences.

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Big Problem/Little Problem – Cards for a big problems vs. a little problem game

Boardmaker Online

Big Problem/ Little Problem worksheet 1- Social Thinking

Big Problem/ Little Problem worksheet 1- Social Thinking

Download this A4 Printable writing aid - words that describe someone's voice

Writing Aid - words that describe someone's voice

A better way to make my apple chart for apple writing.

Kim Adsit's Resources for Kindergarten Teachers, the Picnic Pals

Color Words


Free! Expressive Language Feature Describing Language Processing.....activity is designed to build the description of an object's features

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Adjectives Assessment

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Speech Therapy Ideas: Descriptive Gnome Games. Pinned by SOS Inc. Resources so siu ki Inc. Resources.

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Speech Therapy: FREE Expressive Language Program

Speech Therapy: FREE Expressive Language Program

I would love to do this activity as a 5 senses activity. I would love the columns to be pictures of eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and a hand.

Teaching with Grace: 5 Senses with 5 Activities