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" Deadpool< it's hard right now with the economy the way it is. Deadpool i got 2 words for you "Social Networking" / oh dear. I love/hate you.


So I may or may not be addicted to deadpool. Sorry in advanced

-Surrender! - The good (Captain America), the bad (Wolverine) the ugly (Deadpool)- Id go to Deadpool.

(Captain America), (Wolverine) (Deadpool)-----Hehe, three of the most AWESOME superheroes around.


Common Sense Is Tingling. Is Deadpool funny? Tap to see more humor quotes from -

Fuck Yes Deadpool

Deadpool - "I have been waiting for this like you would not believe, okay. First, we need to kidnap Ryan Reynolds." lol isn't Ryan Renolds playing deadpool in the movie.

& then there's Deadpool.

Captain America, Wolverine & Deadpool by Declan Shalvey - "Uh, I haven't prepared any remarks, so why don't you just do what your heart tells you?" this was so epic!