"You are the master creator of your reality. It is your imagination that holds the key. Unlock your treasure chest and open your heart. Pour out all your love and live the part. All your dreams are waiting for you. Love yourself and follow through."

Rose by Amanda Diaz on 500px ~Amanda Diaz photography www.amandadiaz.com I love her fashion photography. It tends to have a fairy tale edge to it and be a little dark in mood. Because I don't shoot that mood I am attracted to it.

The Tim Walker for W magazine series is a brooding collection of geisha portraits. Each photograph boasts remarkable composition and rich artistic direction. Tim Walker entrances viewers with the darkly alluring photographs, evoking juxtaposed set of emotions. The photographs are brimming with bright colors and desire, but have a strong undertone of violence and a hard earned wisdom. All of this is emphasized by the exaggerated use of form and skewed proportions. Walker also allows the…

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