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Left-Handed Handwriting Pages {7 free!}

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Garlic Oil for Ear Infections. I remember my Mom using this when I was little and it works almost instantly. Pain relief and infection gone! Best part is that it saves you a trip to the doctor and its all natural. No medications needed! #garlicoil #earoil

Included in this free set are 5 Positive Thinking Posters for student growth. Use these posters to spark discussion and as a social/emotional strategy for students to be successful.Be Safe: Not just you, for others around youBe Respectful: Your manners countBe Tremendous: In everything you doBe Responsible: For your words and actionsBe a Leader: Show you knowEach poster is standard-page sized (11x8.5, landscape).If you like this, then check out the full setBe Something!