Designer: Long Gu

Designer: Long Gu This series reminds me of simple asian paintings, that I have seen in books and on cards. Very relaxing to look, in my opinion.


Art Journal Prompt: PIck ONE monster. Begin a descriptive response: "Yesterday I found the most _______creature! I wish I would have had my camera with me, but I didn't. (describe the creature in detail)

Brilliant Digital Illustrations by Sylar113

25 Cool Illustrations, Paintings & Drawings

I love skulls and crowns: LR 8/16/14; Illustration inspiration | #823

25 amazing illustrations & drawings

Illustration/Painting/Drawing inspiration i love this because none of the skulls are the same

只做一半,不放大图 [&nb-长安京@Maplelove采集到【传统古韵】(1271图)_花瓣人文艺术

Chỉ có một nửa, không phải là một hình phóng lớn của [& nb- Bắc Kinh Trường An

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