More than awards, more than any other life's accomplishments, my material gains and personal successes. Mothering my children is my greatest accomplishment, and always will be.

Wow! I didn't realize. One more thing i'd like to add to the end of this... "Just because you don't see me on facebook doesn't mean that I don't exist"

Don't scold or embarrass me in public. Also, I am shy. I hate it when people think only introverts are shy and introverts think all introverts are not shy. I am shy. I am introverted. Get it right people.

I'm not a horoscope, person but of think this does describe me

Libras do not give up easily. They just keep going. - I am a libra (Oct. but this just also sounded so much like my INFJ type also!

Cherish every single moment! #ItsNotAboutTheMoney #TheImageFirm #PersonalBranding

25 Friendship Quotes for Summer

Its not what we have that matters life quotes quotes positive quotes quote life quote life lessons wise quotes

The Best By Far - Beautiful Love Quote:

The Best By Far - Beautiful Love Quote

Before You Speak Think printable sheets to chose from and color ~ activity to do as a family too.

Before You Speak: THINK - Free Printables

My+job+as+a+mother+is+to+protect+my+children+from+anything+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++and+everything...+If+that+ means+eliminating+ +people+out+of+our+lives, +no+matter+who,+then+so be+it.+++++++

Yup and I'm not afraid to do it! My+job+as+a+mother+is+to+protect+my+children+from+anything+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++and+everything.+If+that+ means+eliminating+ +people+out+of+our+lives, +no+matter+who,+then+so be+it.

Backstabbing Quotes for Facebook | These people come near to Me with their mouth and honor Me with ...

Talking Like A Christian, Acting Like A Pharisee

I'm so glad you TOLD me what a good Christian you are - judging by your actions, I NEVER would've known!