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The WAKE UP Project

“The WAKE UP Project” emphasizes the importance of building your health, your mindset, and your wealth together so that you are able to enjoy every facet of your life. “WAKE UP, Live the Life you Dream” is an opportunity for you to stop just existing and to start living the life you KNOW you should. I've lost 33lbs and gone from a 12 to a 6. I've also built my own business that has financially freed my family. What could be better?

The WAKE UP Project

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“It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now. And you may as well do it now. Generally speaking, now is as good a time as any.” – Hugh Laurie #quote #now #happyhumpday

There is only now..

Andy is killing it!

It's hard to argue with Zig, to be sure, and I can't even really disagree with the sentiment. However, "motivation" alone is no more useful than willpower. Success is >>> reading stickies on the bathroom mirror every morning..

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Dallas Clayton | Kid Lessons | CreativeMornings/CHI

Here's to getting stronger every day!

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'Workout because you love your body, not because you hate it.' #Quotation #Workout


When you scroll through facebook you always see people talking about the weekend...what if every day could be a weekend? That's what it's all about - living your DREAM of physical and financial limitations. Let's do this!

Stop worrying so much and start living in the present. Enjoy every moment as it is. Don't worry about what your boss, mother, friend, or that stupid guy you went on a date with said. You are here, right now. Enjoy this moment and find strength in yourself to be a warrior not a worrier. #wakeupproject #livethelifeyoudream

We want to see you feeling EMPOWERED, STRONG, and ENERGIZED! Message us pics and your story and we'll feature you on a #mightymonday! Check out two of our clients, Chris Hollowood and Melanie Rapino, who fuel their CrossFit workouts on a daily basis. Yes, that's Chris doing a flagpole and Melanie split jerking 125lbs. Their energy and performance are through the roof!! #wakeupproject #livethelifeyoudream

SO PROUD to announce that one of our WAKE UP founders, Alexis Connor, hit 1 Star Silver Circle Crystal Director!!!!! She's replaced her income and is resigning from her 9-5 job to work on her nutritional cleansing business part-time and be home with her three girls!!! #wakeupproject

Check out, Loni Pierson! This busy working mom decided it was time to focus on herself for awhile...she is LOVING all the energy and her hot new bod. She says the only drawback is having to buy new clothes!! #wakeupproject #healthylife

Set goals for yourself, and don't you DARE give up. We are all human and err, but do NOT allow yourself to fail. Failure only happens when you stop trying! #wakeupproject #staymotivated #youvegotthis

Another founder of The WAKE UP Project, Mel decided it wasn't enough to be an athlete -- it was time to be incredibly healthy too! This avid crossfitter, yogi, and marathon runner has absolutely found the energy she needed to KILL IT at the gym. Mel also decided she was sick of working for "the man" and recently left her job to design her own life as a Health & Wellness Coach for The WAKE UP Project.

Why shouldn't you have the body you've always wanted? Why shouldn't you work only the hours/days you want to work? Why shouldn't you have the energy to enjoy all opportunities that come way? Let Summer 2014 be the time you really start living! Alexis & Sam are ready...Are you? Email The WAKE UP Project tonight. Let's get you started!

Are you a person with dreams, but no idea how to begin to achieve them? Are you in need of a solution? We have that gift you need to turn your frowns upside down and open your eyes to the endless possibilities that life has to offer! I mean, for reals, what I love most is that EVERY day is as fun as Friday #livehappy #livehealthy #livewealthy #wakeupproject #livethelifeyoudream

What do you believe in? We believe that everyone has the choice to design an abundant & healthy life ♥ #wakeupproject #happylife #liveyourdream

As one of The WAKE UP Project co-founders I knew from the beginning we were really going to make a difference in people's lives...I just never imagined how much my own life would change. I've quit my f/t job to pursue my dreams! #wakeupproject #healthyliving #wealthyliving #financialfreedom

Check out our gorgeous teammate, Brittany! She has battled stomach issues since age 16...she says, "Since I started this program, I have not had to miss out on my life once. What started as "only a 30 day program" for me has turned into a total life transformation. That photo is after 30 days, but trust me... I'm not finished. LOVE THIS PROGRAM!" #healthyliving

Check out, Jessica Brown-Boyer! Another coach for The WAKE UP Project, this lovely lady was amazed to discover that she absolutely COULD get her high school body back--even after a baby! #wakeupproject #healthyliving #wealthyliving #momsrock