Bahaha @Stephanie Tuttle

Only one shall prevail…

Hahahaha I'm sure jessi or one of my siblings did this to me.and exactly why Kaleigh needs some siblings. This photo makes me want to adopt even more! Joys of siblings.

I'm dying

She is so adorable! >>Strange Man OR Woman. but lol her face is so cute. I don't get free cookies D:

Reasons to have children-- yes yes and yes :)

Loved this.Reasons Why Having Kids Is Awesome. So funny + true. Being a parent means lots of laughter + funny times.

I laughed way to hard

Me Vs. Life

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Reasons why kids cry.

Children facing the worlds toughest problems<<< That last lady looks done. Okay one of these the kid has a reason to cry justin Bieber concerts are torture

I have never laughed so hard

Funny pictures about This Little Girl's Face Just Made My Day. Oh, and cool pics about This Little Girl's Face Just Made My Day. Also, This Little Girl's Face Just Made My Day photos.

I can be a brat. LOL!!!! nope!!!! take that nonsense elsewhere and come talk to me when you're at my level. LMAO!!!!

When you realize your acting like a brat, but you're already in too deep and can't stop. Every day of my life!


They’re never going to forgive me for this…

Had to separate them, wasn’t prepared for the most brutal double guilt trip of my life.


The 32 Funniest Baby Memes All in One Place