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Just plain awesome

Just plain awesome

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Nicola Bulgari

Nailed it

Seahorse Measuring Spoons

doggie umbrella leash

Wine bottle design

Animal cruelty is a serious issue, with dogs being abused and forced to fight, sometimes to the death. Your support can help end animal cruelty and stop the abuse! Help today:

This is too funny! I don't know how the guys kept from laughing while they were recording it....


Tensile. Great treehouse subsitute.

"Those jerks at the dog park said I look like a bear again."

this is sooo cute!!! :)

I rarely post animals, but this is precious!

Salvador Dali was a badass and took his pet Anteater for walks. Legit.

hahaha lets be honest, its stunning wood, and a beautifully designed staircase. For the kid in us all!