Although, it would be everything anime. Ever and my rainbow tears are much larger than that

Hahah so true XD ... Cant stop laughing

Hahah so true XD . Cant stop laughing<<< I haven't seen SAO yet, but this is funny.<<< You need to watch SAO you haven't lived yet

I feel terrible for repinning this,  but I can't NOT repin

10 of my favourite Tumblr posts. Sorry if they're a little old or have already been posted. I just throught I'd share something fun. ;p

Attack on Titan <<<< Wrong everyone-dies-anime: it's Fullmetal Alchemist/ FMA Brotherhood.

yep, id say i have a severe case of it...

We all secretly have it. ( though I'm kinda outta the closet with that.along with thousands of other anime otakus xD) << I totally have it ^^

True Anime Story

True Anime Story

True Anime Story I have aspergers too. And I will love anime and have my aspergers until I die.

True xD

I hate being asked questions about my otakuness .but i still do Hve to go to school.

All of the Naruto fans were (and still are) in mourning! How are we expected to continue on with our everyday lives, huh?<<<fuckin weeb deserved the F

Just look at this gif of Jean and Eren glaring at each other okay

laundromatic: “ I MADE A THING. Because I just thought this would be kinda cool. My younger brother was watching LoK and it was this scene that was playing, and then yeah. Made a crossover gif.

Death Note

but really watching DEATHNOTE with childern too young to read subs well? That anime is just not meant for young impressionable minds.

Mephisto, Ao no Exorcist. XD

Mephisto, Ao no Exorcist. XD Thats why you have to watch the anime, Mephisto :D (Favorite Characters Funny)

I actually just finished Clannad and didn't cry. My heart tore itself out of my body and jumped into a blender, but I didn't cry. still cry over Angel Beats😭😭

blue exorcist motivational posters | blue exorcist demotivational by SASUU16

"Rin Okimura most people hit puberty, he finds out he's the son of Satan"blue exorcist demotivational by ~ Blue Exorcist (Ao No Exorcist)