I am against bullying. Are you? Repost on most popular board too. Sorry not Beth related, but bullying needs to stop. REPOST

Against bullying. Repost on most popular board.<<< Not my most popular board, because I don't usually do those repost things. I figured the caring people on this board would appreciate a pin like this one.

Cats are beautiful, they deserve our respect. Please share if you are against cat abuse. I want to slap the person who did this!

I think that this cat is still cute. Please share this. Every animal deserves a life no matter what. Cat abuse is a big problem, and if we all share this, maybe we can stop it.


If you see or hear signs or symptoms of child abuse report it right away. Approximately 5 children die everyday form abuse. You never know if it will be too late. Do the right thing and stand up for these helpless victims.


Jehovah’s Witnesses—Official Website

I know why some people deny God, and I truly believe people can believe whatever the hell they want, but I believe in God, so yes I will definitely repost!

This is her Self harm jar: Each time somebody re-pins this she'll put ur name or ur @ name in the jar, each time she feels the need to cut or self harm she'll pull a name out, remember that person and not cut, PIN THIS TO UR MOST POPULAR BOARD TO KEEP THIS GIRL FROM SELF HARMING AND KEEPING HER STRONG!<-- cmon guys!!!

self harm jar: when anyone pins this picture I will add your name into the jar. Every time I feel the urge to cut I will pull out a name and message you thanking you for keeping me strong.>>>>>this isn't for me,it's for another girl

Sad Stories

Don't feel like you have to repost this. God loves you no matter if you repost this story or not. I hate When people say repost because God will bless you or hurt you. God is subject to man.

Can't risk it

Patrick's was symbolised by a shamrock, which was a three leafed plant, not a four leafed one. The four leaf clover has nothing to do with St. Patrick, or Ireland.

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I am in God's army!♥ This is so true. Satan hates when we live for God.

So sad

What is wrong with this man? That puppy did nothing wrong to deserve this! Repost to stop animal abuse!

Let's see if it works

Do it i just did this and I wanted rain and BAM! It started down pouring!

Repost if you belive in God

I'm only posting this because I believe in God.not because of it saying he will do a huge favor. God gives me a huge favor each and every day and I'm blessed because if that.

Interests / friends / taste in music. my family would never have said anything about my weight though.


That is so amazing. I love how they did that to her Barbie. My cousin had cancer, she was oy 7 when she passed if you have ever had someone in your family die from cancer repost. This started in Candler, North Carolina. Hoe far can it go?

I am crying because I am so sad right now.

STOP dog fighting & help STOP animal abuse & help STOP BSL!true story of Oogy and wonderful book for dog lovers.