Laurent Laveder

playing with the moon is like you know awesome! when i was at the beach we woke up at like and we were playing with the sun! ( it is still as good as playing with the moon)

The Atlantic Road, Norway

The Most Spectacular Roads in the World

One of the most spectacular roads in the world. (The Atlantic Road through Norway in 'Top 10 Most Spectacular Roads in the World'.

Moon and New York City

"If you get caught between The Moon & New York City.the best that you can fall in love " (Full winter moon and the Chrysler building, New York) //Moonglow Jewelry


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Nature photography

Nature photography sun sunset warm sky by MooziXMerchandising. Beautiful, just beautiful!

El Agora arena and El Puente de l'Assut de l'Or suspension bridge reflected in a shallow pool in Valencia's City of Arts and Sciences.

Agora and El Puente de l'Assut de l'Or Bridge, Valencia, Spain. Suspension bridge opened The Agora opened Architect for both: Santiago Calatrava

Winter Solstice, 2013

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Reflection of Eiffel Tower Can't imagine wearing thongs in Paris,even if they are red.

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