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Lockheed A-12, later to become the SR-71 Blackhawk spy plane.

Lockheed Oxcart leaving Groom Lake in 1962 (the aircraft that never existed). Looks like a standard SR 71 to me.


This part of record aircraft article series explains how the Lockheed Blackbird actually works and what makes it the fastest plane in the World.


Air Force Boeing Stratofortress of the Bomb Wing static display with weapons, at Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana (USA), in Date 2 February 2006

♂ aircraft F/A-18C : Hornet #plane #wings

An Hornet from Air Test and Evaluation Squadron Two Three releases 1000 pound bombs during a series of Advanced Targeting Forward Looking Infrared (ATFLIR) adjacent stores release tests over the Atlantic Test Range.