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So tight

DIY basement movie theater using palettes. This would be a cheaper and easier way to do this. I've always wanted a basement movie theater!

Bread Bag Tags to Label Cords. Clever.

Bread Bag Tags + Power Strip = Easy Identification

(Great idea but link apparently takes u to spam links) thot it worth pinning though. i admit to saving bread clips! :) Bread clips used to label cords on power strip found via Kari.

Microwave Cooking!

18 Microwave Snacks You Can Cook In A Mug

Yummy and quick, this coffee cup quiche takes chewy bagel bites, eggs, cream cheese, ham and spices for a savory breakfast on the go!

Wine Cork Floor, drink and then build.

Prepare the floor as you would before laying carpet and then lay the cork. Cut in half flat side down. Use clear self leveling epoxy flooring to cover the cork. WOW I'm gonna need a lot more corks!

Every room on this site is ideal, but a couple morning laps to wake you up falling out of bed is awesome.

Interior Design, Awesome Retro Bedroom Design With Indoor Pool Blue Color Wall Interior Decoration: interior design inspiration with indoor pool design ideas

neat o

GroVert Living Wall Planter from BrightGreen! is here to make art out of your favorite plants. This ingenious design allows you to hang whatever plants you choose on your wall like a piece of fine art and includes a frame to complete the look!

SO tight

Tower Kitchen by French Designer Philippe Starck for German Manufacturer Warendorf. The Tower Kitchen features two standalone units that each take up no more than one square meter of floor space.