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Alexander Martinez

Alexander Martinez
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They Love The Water, They're Considered The Number One Dog For People With Children, And They Look Like Bears! What's Not To Love?!

two Newfies Such great kid dogs! They love the water, they're considered the number one dog for people with children, and THEY LOOK LIKE BEARS! What's not to love?

Merry Christmas!

I would always wrap up Tessa's gift, but could not put it under the tree until Christmas morning. She would always know which one was her's and only open it. She was the most precious girl. Christmas morning is not the same.


E-excuse me. But, I would like you to pet me again. I am sorry if I disturbed you, but I liked being petted. Cutest fluffy kitten ever!

I love wire haired dachshund. This one is really cute

When I need you.I hold out my hand and I touch you, keeping me warm night and day!