Weekend in Paris

Gorgeous doll and dress

Fashionista Barbie Doll, Light Pink Dress on http://Thamica.com/fashionista-barbie-doll-light-pink-dress/

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1997 Happy Holidays® Barbie® Doll | Barbie Collector

charitybuzz | Dashing Through the Snow Sisters Sleigh Set, love this

Santa's Helper by prettybrbphoto, via Flickr

2000-Barbie Victorian Holiday 2000

holiday barbie 1995

1993 Holiday Barbie

Peppermint Princess™ Barbie® Doll

happy holiday barbie 1991

holiday jewel barbie

holiday titania

holiday collector barbie

victorian holiday

Jewel Princess Barbie Winter Princess Collection. Limited Edition, 1996.

winter fantasy

happy holiday barbie 1996

holiday barbie 1989

Holiday Barbie - looks like the dress from White christmas


Fun In The Sun by Maria Elena Lopez Barbie Fashion

Barbie (Black Flowers) VENDIDA

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