Alexandra Laforet Rougier

Alexandra Laforet Rougier

Alexandra Laforet Rougier
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Envision! I surround my 'vision' with a pink bubble and send it off to the Universe! Thank you Shakti Gawain (and Mary Shakun)

ballons & roses - make a wish and set them free at your weddings balloons; float into the air and represent the beautiful unknown roses; represent love, beautiful even with age

AMERICAN DREAM - Pigeons & Peacocks - Pigeons & Peacocks

And when she spilt her cereal she freaked and hid while the guard checked it out 'stupid stupid stUPID! Who even eats that at night!

Alice Lewis - Leslie David

Leslie David for Please! magazine series with paint textures, on visuals from issue Photos by Nagi Sakai