it's life jim but not as you know it fabric by debi_birkin on Spoonflower…

star trek toile de jouy blue fabric by debi_birkin on Spoonflower - custom fabric Smith - what do you think of this as a Trekkie mei Tai?

Smarty Ring

The Top 5 High End SmartWatches Compared If smart watches are too bulky for your taste, then how about a smart ring? Thats what the folks behind the aptly-named Smarty Ring are working with. Currently in development,

An alphabetical primer on the wonders of typography, this paean to the proficiency of print includes all the (dia)critical elements of typesetting, from serifs to ligatures to hooks and much, much more. Whether you’re keen on kerning, a glutton for glyphs, or love learning about leading and line spacing, this veritable font of font facts is sure to be just your “type.”

Alphabet of Typography

unknowneditors: “ The Alphabet Of Typography Pop Chart Lab has created a print that pays homage to the wonderful world of typography. From serifs and hooks, to spines, diacritics and ligatures, the.

Agent Smartwatch at

Agent Smartwatch - The smartwatch re-charges via Qi and runs 2 processors, one for high-speed wrist-computing, the other, a power-saving mode that will run the watch for 30 days without a recharge.

Remember these phones? White Mid-Century Phone

White Mid-Century Scandiphone Ditch the rotary with this unique home office piece. Inspired by the classic British telephone, the White Scandiphone is small, light and was ahead of its time when it was introduced in Europe in the

Roksanda Ilincic Resort 2015 Lookbook and Collection

New Arrival: The Shapes of Roksanda Ilinčić

Her design aesthetic is known for its dynamic and bold use of color, high quality fabrics, and classic silhouettes. Her designs are futuristic with retro undertones and her fabrics create a polished, modern look.

Prouvé Potence Lamp

Prouvé Potence Lamp

Very Prouvé! Standard chairs, EM Table, Potence lamp designed by Jean Prouvé,

Globe Garden Chair by Peter Opsvik

Rethink Sitting: The Re-launch of the Iconic Globe Garden Chair