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Project #GreenDorm

Project #GreenDorm

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Product: Boxes Company: Target -These boxes are made from recycled material. Using them as file boxes or storage boxes! #greendorm

Product: Pre-owned TV Stands Company: eBay Green -Save a tree of being cut down by purchasing a pre-"loved" entertainment cabinet or TV stand. I will definitely do this for my apartment dorm! Saves a few trees and saves me money! So great! #greendorm

Product: Eco-Workout Mat Company: eBay Green -Light weight workout mats! They are environmentally friendly! Would love to workout outside on the grass on this mat! #greendorm

Product: Air Purifying House Plants Company: eBay Green -These houseplants aren’t just nice for decoration. The plants listed here not only oxygenate your home, but they help remove toxins from the air! I would love to have these plants to breathe easy and live happy! #greendorm

Product: Clock Company: eBay Green -Clocks on are made from recycled material! How cool would it be to have a clock made from a classic record! So cool. #greendorm

Product: Energy Saver Printer Company: eBay Green -Energy Star Qualified Printers are guaranteed to be energy efficient! Super convenient for an eco-friendly student in college! #greendorm

Product: Bamboo Body Brush Company: eBay Green -Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that doesn't require the use of pesticides or fertilizers. So this is a perfect body brush! Being eco-friendly in any way possible! #greendorm

Eco Tools Bamboo Foot Brush & Pumice 1 ea

Product: Food Preserver Company: -Love to have this to preserve left overs or veggies until next time I use them! Save food so no need to waste them and throw them away! thinking green! #greendorm

Product: Sunglasses Company: Sunglasses Hut -On my campus there is ALWAYS sun! So these eco-friendly sunglasses are the best! They are made from recycled material. Amazing, I would wear them all the time! #greendorm

Product: Beach Cruiser Company: Copacabana Bikes -I would love to have beach cruiser to use as my transportation! NO need to use a car, the trolley or a bus! Eco-friendly! Great exercise plus great for the environment! So cool! #greendorm

Product: Clothing Company: Soul Flower -Organic clothing for college! I love this because the clothing is fashionable, cute and it looks really nice! Plus it's organic, so that's a huge plus! I would love to have these in my closet at college! #greendorm

Product: Shampoo & Conditioner Company: Dr. Jones -This is organic shampoo and conditioner from Dr. Jones! Buy something that will be healthy for your hair and yourself! so cool #greendorm

Product: Planner Company: -This planner is made from recycled white text paper and recycled white linen for the cover! So cute! Awesome! Great, reusing something everyday! #greendorm

Product: Notebooks Company: Target -Buy notebooks from recycled material! Eco-friendly! Reusing and recycling! Thinking green, so awesome! #greendorm

3-pk. 7X10" Greenroom Recycled Notebooks

Product: Laptop Case Company: -This laptop case is recycled from 100% post-consumer material! So cool! Use it to protect your laptop. #greendorm

Product: Jewelry Hanger Company: Michaels -Buy or reuse an old frame. Paint it any color, add twigs from outside in the back and attach push pins on the twigs. And hang your necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc! So cool! #greendorm

Product: Pencils Company: Tree Smart Store -Always going to need pencils! These are recycled from newspapers! So sweet and insanely cool! #greendorm

Product: Bath Robe Company: Coyuchi -This is an organic 100% cotton robe! Use it after the shower or whenever! So soft and awesome! #greendorm

Organic Women's Cotton & Linen Terry Robe | Coyuchi

Product: Rug Company: Coyuchi -A rug for the dorm! It is 100% organic cotton! Very cute and will be great in the dorm! #greendorm

Product: Bath Towels Company: Coyuchi -Everyone needs towels, these are organic bath towels! They are super soft and awesome! #greendorm

Product: Book Bag Company: -This bag is made from recycled white pages! Totally cute. Use it for books, as a purse or anything else! It's a nice tote and eco-friendly! #greendorm

Product: Coin Purse Company: -Buy this purse to use for your coins or a wallet or ID holder! Made out of old juice boxes!! Such a cool recycled idea! And it's cute! #greendorm

Product: power outlet Company: -Save energy by buying a power outlet! There are enough plugs to connect all the electronics you have! When not in use simply unplug just the power outlet or turn it off to save energy! #greendorm

Product: Scissors! Company: -You will seriously need scissors in college! Why not buy some that are recycled from 70% plastic! Westcott makes these scissors! Totally buy these for college! #greendorm

Product:Binder Company: -Recycled binders from #greenebay Everyone in college needs a binder! So buy one that is recycled! Very cool idea and is great to use for any class! #greendorm