Tumba de Giuliano de Medici - Miguel Ángel Buonarroti. Increíble foto de Aurelio Amendola©                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

David by Michelangelo - Giuliano de Medici, photo © Aurelio Amendola

La muerte de Aquiles, Innocenzo Fraccaroli (1844) Villa Reale, Milán.

Achilles (head detail) by Innocenzo Fraccaroli Villa Reale di Milano, Italy.

draw gothic architecture - Buscar con Google

This week I’m finishing up work on an aumbry for a future issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine. More than anything, this project has been about exploring Gothic geometry. But as with any project, I always have a lot of detours and dead ends.

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Eiffel Tower silhouette - use to paint the silhouette for a pink and black Paris room

Bernard Kapfe

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i colori sono arte suprema http://www.artecreo.it/74-maimeri-polycolor

Photo (Life on Sundays)

Arcos pontiagudos

Classification of Gothic window architecture. Tall and narrow windows with an arched top are called lancets because of their resemblance to a lance.

Alcázar de Segovia

I visited this castle when I studied abroad in Spain. It's a beautiful Castle to visit if you are in Spain. Alcazar Castle in the winter, Segovia, Spain.

Alexander the Great:

Alexander the of Alexander in Istanbul Archaeology Museum. - Ancient king of Macedonia in northern Greece. Born in Pella, up to 16 years have been made in any of his mentor Aristotle. 30 years old, he has created one of the largest empire in history