Algács Viktória

Algács Viktória

Algács Viktória
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7 essential incenses for every Witch--we know how much Carolyn loves incense offerings!

7 essential incenses for every Witch Incenses are very important items in Witchcraft. The smoke they created is capable of inducing different feelings, purifying environments, purifying objects during the consecration, and more. If you have these 7 incens

The Goddess is Alive and Magic is Afoot! : Photo

Lunar phases “New Moon: This phase is a time to rest and restore, and is all about new beginnings. It’s a good time to make changes and adjustments, and also to cleanse, purify and find inner harmony and peace.

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Candles: Quick cheat-sheet for the colors used in candle magick, with their corresponding uses and astrological signs. ~Hand-inked and colored by Endora J.

Sigil Athenaeum - “I am relaxed and free from tension” sigil ...

“I am relaxed and free from tension” sigil requested by anonymous Sigil requests open on Saturday

Kapcsolódó kép

“My mind is calm and my heart beat is steady”Digital version of [this sigil]. Sigil requests are currently closed!