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Also absolutely totally relevant to my epic fantasy novel. (Visualization of a Calabi-Yau manifold, a structure representing the 6 dimensions of space-time that are curled up, according to string theory.

Puzzled, via Flickr.

By Judy Peterson. Gold Coast art fair in Chicago.

“burnworks:  Watertower by Tom Fruin  “Beginning June 7th, the tower will be lit from within by digitally-controlled light sequences playing from dusk till morning for a full year. A welcome addition to Brooklyn’s skyline,Watertower will be visible from Lower Manhattan, FDR Drive, and the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges at night”  Can’t wait to see this.  ”

Watertower As Light Catcher by Tom Fruin, photo by ROBERT BANAT. On the night of June Tom Fruin’s newest sculptural artwork, Watertower, was installed on a rooftop near the Manhattan Bri…