Jules Verne

Illustration by Nicolas Fructus / steampunktendencies I had a dream that i was on an airship just like this one!

rhubarbes: “Robotic upper body by Ociacia / Vladislav Ociacia. More robots here.

Could a robot do your job?

As technology makes exciting leaps who --and what -- will replace those jobs? "Could A Robot Do Your Job?" via USA Today

Heavenwill, Space Station

Space Station by Long-Pham Digital Art / Drawings & Paintings / Sci-Fi Long-Pham Another piece of concept art for Isis. Whatever Isis is, it looks beastly.


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'p.r.o.t.o' - vfx Picture (3d, character, robot, cyborg, robotic, machine, droid, humanoid, sci-fi)

o' - vfx Picture character, robot, cyborg, robotic, machine…