Can you just imagine someone who has never seen Harry Potter (sadly they do…<<<<ha ha lol If someone who (has a sad life) doesnt know about harry potter reports it and then the headmaster is obsessed and holds a monthly harry potter pranks competition

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"muggle supernatural headcanon - Google Search" >>> wait what why supernatural is it the power thing gosh no one would put that if you're searching about muggles and we're not even talking about muggles these are darn muggleborns gosh why

Ten points to Gryffindor!! <--- Although I'm not convinced that this should have received the full extra credit. Not all wizards would recognize this symbol. If they'd said Potterheads, then yes full points, but not all wizards.

I just... I will never understand why he chose to be in Twilight in the first place. But I think he's redeemed himself. And someday, I'll do this.

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