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Serving sizes presented for customers

This is how I do my display cakes too. Demonstrates the serving count for cakes and how many servings you will get out of each tier. Cake decorating tips and tricks

Precious pacifier #gem #jewel #pink #green - Carefully selected by GORGONIA

We’ve got your *Ring POPs* here! Anna Sheffield’s Orchard St. Atelier is pleased to present the art work of Julia Chiang along with an array of loose gemstones in Candy Colored Hues for a custom.

Sky Dancers:Why you totally wanted this: To pretend that fairies were real. Of course, you had no idea these were actually lethal weapons disguised in pink.

Anyone remember these? Sky Dancers Set of 3 Vintage early Toys by PoniesOfDooom. I had the moon one!

These smelled like cupcakes! Well, as much as a plastic doll can smell like a wonderful pastry, that is.

I had all four Cupcake Dolls. Oooooh these were some of my favorite things to play with.I guess my cupcake obsession started early:)

Freaky baby things: I wasn't even looking for these. I saw this on google image search when looking for something else and I realized I had a couple. Don't know the English name.

Small Plastic Baby Figures (Oodles, L'il Babies, Magic Nursery, etc.

#90 #novanta #anninovanta #truciolone #portachiavi #gadget

#90 #novanta #anninovanta #truciolone #portachiavi #gadget