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Oo weeee ooooooooo!

First time watching Doctor Who. vs watching Doctor Who now.this is a very sad form of true

Emotions in Gallifreyan

""Emotions in Gallifreyan" Guys! what if when Whovians felt emotion, the…


I put my hands together so that only the fingertips would be touching and press them really, really close to my face.


Since father's day is almost here, I decided I would post something father related. I know it's a repost but I felt I should sh Pokemon waffle dad blastoise

Sassy Sherlock strikes again...

I swear if he's still alive when I die, if someone does not pay Benedict to burst into my funeral and say this, I will haunt them for life

We are a very snarky people. ;)

"While some people went off to make more goddamn Hobbit movies." Oh my god so true


Awwwww the feels are coming back. This is the definition of bromance

*dies of cuteness*

"Colin ate the ice cream Bradley made even though he's lactose intolerant. --- Maid of Lorraine.