Hahaha dying!

I’ve decided to live my life differently…

I am a penguin cat or a cat penguin or a pen catguin! I don't mind whatever you call me!

Le photographe finlandais Kai Fagerström immortalise des animaux sauvages vivant dans des maisons abandonnées dans la forêt près de sa résidence d'été à Suomusjärvi (Finlande).

Les animaux sauvages s'invitent dans les maisons abandonnées

"What? What brother?  It's just me here.  Nobody here but me.  Treat?  I'll take a treat.  I'll take both treats."

We all Love Funny Dog Pictures (Man best Friends) and some people always love to show their life with their own dogs and share it online. On this Post We’re gonna show you the best Funny Dog …

On those days where it's just too hard to face the world. A face plant will do.

sleeping fox

The foxes have holes and the birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head. Luke Best let a sleeping fox lie 3 by slippay

J'en ai pleuré de rire...

What animal lover doesn’t adore cute and funny pictures of animals? They are even cuter and funnier with some clever captions thrown in along with the photos.

Class photo

trouvaillesdujour: A Day at a Farm with Rob MacInnis-,cows pose for a family photo

Love is love.

There was a little snowman who had a carrot nose.along came a bunny and what do u suppose? That bunny he was hungry and looking for his lunch. He ate that snowmans carrot nose.

Abandonment Issues Kitty yearns to be part of the family.thinks Christmas looks like a lot of fun.


Black bear cub taking the time to smell the daisies ;) in a field of daisies.

Sleeping family of Lynx | © Roberto Carnevali -

Sleeping family of Lynx. I love how the mom's head is curled up under the dad! I need to pet them.