I died.

Mine, all mine…


I don't know if anyone else finds these retarded little pictures/captions funny, maybe just me in my over-tired state of being, but this really made me laugh. the kitten is so cute! did I mention I love food?

Humour de chien

Caption and share the Good morning are you gonna eat all that bacon meme with the Good Dog Greg meme generator. Discover more hilarious images, upload your own image, or create a new meme.

Panneau devant une place pour handicapé : "Etre con n'est pas un handicap Garez vous ailleurs".

Etre Con n'est pas un Handicap

Licorne perdue-Arrêtez la drogue !

Licorne perdue

Im just guessing this says "Lost unicorn! because unicorns really exist.


Il boude- he is pouting. The words are joined together to create a "pouting owl" pun.

pas vrai *

Sticker mural Rétrécir Marron 50 x 60 cm

Hibou sous la pluie

Owl sheltering from the rain under a mushroom birds of prey + wildlife photography