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Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan. Yeah, I definitely do this with my family members mannerisms.

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Actual Dorks,Marvel Tho,Evanstan Stucky,Chris Evans,Miscellaneous,Obsessed,Villains,Heroes,Fandoms

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Beautiful Beings,Chris Evans,Sebastian Stan,Marvel

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Otp Feels,Fandoms,Yoooo,06 12,Dc Comics,Sebastian Stan,Captain America,Marvel

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Winter Soldier

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Marvel E Dc,Marvel Actor,Marvel Slash,Marvel Avengers,Stucky Nsfw,Stucky Pics,Evanstan Stucky,Stucky Photoshop,Awesome Stucky

Sebastianstan Chris,Chrisevans Sebastianstan,Evans Cevans,Chris D'Elia,Chris Evans,Evanstan Stucky

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