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    Amazing Ideas for a Thanksgiving Table Setting

    Amazing Ideas for a Thanksgiving Table Setting
    • Amy

      Alicia Silverstone Hey Alicia I just wanted to say you're really inspiring to me and I think you're really making the most of your life by helping the environment, animals, and others! :)

    • Zornitsa Nikolva
      Zornitsa Nikolva

      Are not you a vegan?

    • Valerie Attisha
      Valerie Attisha

      yes why, is there a turkey on the table?

    Towel hooks within reach of shower.

    byStella | Inspiration | Page 2
    • Jackie Ross
      Jackie Ross

      Much easier than over a rack! Next bathroom.

    • Marjie Remington
      Marjie Remington

      Nice change from the normal

    • Nicole Lanteigne
      Nicole Lanteigne

      did this

    antler wall hook for the bathroom towels

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    • Kreative Kristina
      Kreative Kristina

      Love this for a mud room!

    open shelving

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    Layered bedding adds texture. Perfect cozy bed for fall and winter.

    Interior of the day...
    • Lizzy Leff
      Lizzy Leff

      Love everything about this photo. I'm a sucker for cool hues.

    • Kreative Kristina
      Kreative Kristina

      This looks so restful!

    • Autumn Ratcliff
      Autumn Ratcliff

      Love the knitted blankets!

    • Lublini custom bedding
      Lublini custom bedding

      Cozy, Love !

    • Aerianne White
      Aerianne White

      Perfect. All of it.

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    sleeping porch

    Canopies to adore
    • christel morris
      christel morris


    • christel morris
      christel morris


    • Julie Quinn
      Julie Quinn

      my home!

    • Judy Campbell
      Judy Campbell

      Very relaxing, love it!

    • Lublini custom bedding
      Lublini custom bedding

      Nap time :)

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    Market Picks: John Lewis Spring/Summer ’13
    • Rose Aquilina
      Rose Aquilina

      Love the rustic green look, very quaint.

    • KheGreen

      This is me!

    A big boy's room

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    wall color

    my afternoon project: interiors for kids


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    • Loupe Images
      Loupe Images

      From CICO published book - The Homemade Home by Sania Pell, photos by Penny Wincer.

    Backyard chalkboard-

    Project Denneler: Art + Outdoors = Artdoorsy
    • Clifford Johnson
      Clifford Johnson

      Thanks Marci. :-)

    • marci allen
      marci allen

      Thanks Sunshine, welcome Clifford:-)

    • Judy Campbell
      Judy Campbell

      Love this idea, I have a 7 yr. old along with alot of neighborhood kids. Don't have to worry about them if they are having fun in the backyard.

    • Antonia Gonzalez De Torres
      Antonia Gonzalez De Torres

      Great idea!

    • Clare Mielczarek
      Clare Mielczarek

      That would be fun to play school with!!

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    Yellow cloth napkins and place mats are the perfect way to update your table for summer. Small potted herbs serve as place cards and add an organic element to the table.

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    like the lace table cloth, birdcage, lantern plants, antiqued chairs and everything. just waiting for summer!

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    • Judy Hedges
      Judy Hedges

      Is that a sharma thrush on the bird cage?

    • Pam K.
      Pam K.

      Very nice! Love the look.

    Floating Herb Garden » floating herb garden
    • Pam M Watts
      Pam M Watts

      I have many times, love to collect different varieties a same plants, never ending......

    • Debi Price-Gillam
      Debi Price-Gillam

      Love it...

    • Hazel Myburgh
      Hazel Myburgh

      So do-able.

    • Linda Luna
      Linda Luna

      I believe this would be a good way to keep them alive and fresh for a day or two, as Mark said. Great idea. I have an ornamental small hanging vase that i use.

    • Antonia Gonzalez De Torres
      Antonia Gonzalez De Torres


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    Spring GREENing Giveaway #spring #springcleaning

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    Eco holiday centerpiece

    Eco chic fall decorating
    • KC


    My new Essentia mattress

    Best Firm Memory Foam Mattress | Organic Mattress | Beausommet
    • Pam M Watts
      Pam M Watts

      looks soooo comfy......

    • Rebecca Begley-Lands
      Rebecca Begley-Lands


    • Kim Westenberg
      Kim Westenberg

      where do we find rhe bed frame and headboard??

    DIY laundry detergent #eco #green

    make your own laundry detergent! | The Kind Life
    • Helen Malandrakis
      Helen Malandrakis

      How much vinegar per load?

    • Mothra Cupcake
      Mothra Cupcake

      I do this in a large bowl using about 1/2 a gallon white vinegar to a cup or so of common baking soda . I am really not very scientific about this . It will foam like crazy which is fun for the entire family . Let it settle down somewhat and put it in a reusable container . I use an empty gallon size vinegar bottle which I leave opened for a day or so . It's pretty gassy stuff .

    • Helen Malandrakis
      Helen Malandrakis

      Yes, I know kids love it. I use baking soda and vinegar in my bathroom drains.

    • Mothra Cupcake
      Mothra Cupcake

      My washer came with a softener cup built into the agitator I just fill it up . Sorry I never measured it ,but I would assume you would use as much of it as you do any softener .

    • Helen Malandrakis
      Helen Malandrakis


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    tips for healthy home nesting #healthy #eco #baby

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    win some #eco #green to-go cups!

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    little clay pots

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    • Giuliana Elaroussi
      Giuliana Elaroussi

      Nice pots!!!

    • Kitty Jones-Cook
      Kitty Jones-Cook

      Looks like a bunch of junk to me!

    • Marianne Martin
      Marianne Martin

      when they break....use in bottom of other pots for drainage

    • Betty Miller
      Betty Miller

      I have several also!! Love the moss that grows on each pot!!

    • Pamela Couch
      Pamela Couch

      I love clay pots unless you want to hang a plant in your home with a big pot. I did hang a boston fern in my corner window that us in a clay pot but us not a big pot. I read in ins of my plant books that ferns must be pitted in clay pits so that can breath and I believe it I have one in my front porch that is huge and in a huge clay pot that us doing great just keeps getting bigger love it!!!!

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    tiles in bathroom

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    • Karen Stanley
      Karen Stanley

      random & fresh

    • Me Arino
      Me Arino

      Can't help thinking that it'd get so mouldy!

    • Jill Robertson
      Jill Robertson

      I'm sure it could be treated when applying the tile, so it wouldn't mould. Overall it's a fun thing isn't it, to enjoy, Me Arino. The alternative would to put clear glass tile in between perhaps!

    • Janie ~ Sarafina Dreams
      Janie ~ Sarafina Dreams

      Love the imperfection.

    • Clare Mielczarek
      Clare Mielczarek

      So pretty1 Love it!

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    exposed brick and the shelves .whole vibe

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    love the wood and the white linens and walls

    diy project: salvaged barnwood headboard | Design*Sponge
    • Clayton Gray Home
      Clayton Gray Home

      wood and linens with sweet words - great bed!!

    • Jaxx Stickney
      Jaxx Stickney

      I love this bed! Fabulous.......

    • Mary Moya
      Mary Moya

      Love !!! Love !!!! The headboard

    • Lublini custom bedding
      Lublini custom bedding

      Nothin' like white bedding !!fq...

    nice kitchen tile and pots

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