On the Feast of St. Nicholas, Mitterndorf, Austria. St Nicholas parades through the village on a white horse followed by these bad guys, the Grumpus, who warn the kids to be good -- or else!

Krumpus Parade usually celebrated in Austria involving demons that will steal away children in baskets if they act bad during the holiday season SCARY Christmas

Krampus and Perchta by AbigailLarson on DeviantArt

This was made for a group art show here in RVA called "Yuletide Monsters" at The original has sold, but prints are now available here! Krampus and Perchta

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Krampus Bell Prop Replica - WETA Collectibles - Krampus - Prop Replicas at Entertainment Earth Mehr

Sardinian festival

celebrations and festivals in Italy

Mamuthones (Nuoro, Italian Sardinia) in traditional carnival costume used for pre-Christian rites to ancient gods of agriculture. The mask is carved in pieces of wild pear wood & darkened alder walnut.

Maria Pranke (Hungarian, 1891–1972). Greetings from the Krampus, 1908. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.Museum Accession, transferred from the Library (WW.188). #krampus #christmas

Enchanted Conversation: A Fairy Tale Magazine: Krampusnacht Two Deadline Extended


Here in America people are already freaking out about the war on Christmas and how the evil liberal atheists are white-washing any form of Christianity from our culture. Meanwhile, over in Germany and other parts of Europe Krampus is making an ep

Krampus | In Germanic Folklore, during Yule, there's Santa Claus (who handed out gifts to those who were good) and then there was Krampus (who handed out spankings to those who were naughty.)

Krampus was a character that punished naughty children at Christmas time. One of the influences of the modern day character Santa Claus

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The Krampus! Lots of bad kids out there in the world lol

Krampusnacht Festival

Oh, demons. If they're not after your livestock, they're after your soul. For more evil demons and ingenious ways to get around their mischief, check out Constantine, NBC's new show fea


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