A Lily's Dew Drop

A Lily's Dew Drop

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A Lily's Dew Drop
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For the ones who can't be there. Personalize personalize personalize!

Adding photos of your loved ones to your bridal bouquet is a great way to remember family members who can't be with you on your big day. And the charms make for a personalized bouquet heirloom that you can pass on to siblings and cousins.


Check out this arrangement: You’re My Everything! A dozen stems of sumptuous purple dendrobium orchids are perfectly accented with birch twigs in an impressive, tall vase.

Croton Plant

This easy-care Croton plant, with bright, multicolored leaves, is just perfect to celebrate a new job or promotion! Needing only low-light, it's ideal f…

Bromeliad Perfection

Topped with rich red leaves, the bromeliad is an ideal gift for home or office. Its easy-care routine is perfect for today's busy life, and its warm h…

Palm Plant

For the home or office, a vivid green palm plant is a tropical breath of fresh air! One thriving, healthy palm plant is delivered in a terra cotta dish.

Miniature Garden... Perfect for an office.

Send them on a tropical vacation with this soothing array of assorted tropical plants nestled in a bed of moss and river rocks, encased in a reusable gl…

Cactus Garden Spike Attack!!!

Looking for the perfect office gift or birthday wish for a special gent? How about a Cactus Garden! This lovely arrangement features six assorted, eas…