18 Painful Truths About Having Long Hair (by Cassandra Calin)

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Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day – 27 Pics

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day - 27 Pics
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Hahaha...this is so wrong but I'm dying!

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Important note taking.

That’s just probably his handwriting

These are hilarious! "Notes from roommates"

Notes From Roommates

The one that has the black paper cut out..Yah i laughed really hard at that one cause my parents would totally do that one. 21 Hysterical Roommate Notes

A collection of roommate notes…

Monday Memes - My No-Guilt Life

Some Smart Acts Of Vandalism…

If Kids Named Things, They'd Sound A Lot Cooler - 12 Pics
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The Pros And Cons Of Living With Your Significant Other

This is hilarious.

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Heart Vs. Brain (By Awkward Yeti) - 9GAG

Really funny pictures of the hour (12:53:58 AM PST Sunday, February 15, 2015) - 20 pics - Lol Mania Club

Funny marathon signs- I love seeing these during half marathons- esp. around mile 9 or 10 when all I want to do is stop and walk!!

Marathon signs / iFunny :)

Such a good laugh! I knew there was something I was missing in those stupid inspirational quotes people post on Facebook!



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