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Super easy and cute fabric flower. I want to make this for my daughter's hair! Tutorial found on

A headband accessory! What a great idea! DIY no sew fabric flower for a head band or a barrette or anything else. I love this! Took awhile to get the hang of these but once you create a good form to trace its fun to create lots of combinations.

No-Sew Fabric Flower Tutorial

Good morning to you! What better way to greet the morning than with flowers? Flowers that don't involve sewing. :O) Yay!

DIY Glitter Magnets - cute craft idea for kids. Made with dollar store marbles and glitter. Super easy

DIY Glitter Magnets - an easy craft idea for kids too. J in the Library's note: Though glitter is almost guaranteed to be messy, this is a relatively easy project that would only take 2 library classes, or 2 meetings of a maker club.