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Vegetable pie whales - signature dish Ingredients 1 zucchini 1 zucchini 3 carrots 300 g flour Article lodges. cold water Salt 4 eggs cloves of garlic 160 g butter 160 g hard cheese milk

Dont have a garden? No problem. Follow these easy guides to grow various…

If you are a container gardener and love to grow healthy and delicious food, this article is for you . Growing cauliflowers in containers is not very difficult if you know its proper requirements and ideal growing conditions. - Gardening Is My Life

Make room for mushrooms!

Mushrooms are incredibly fascinating fungi. In fact, they can be the largest organisms on the planet! They also taste amazing, and you can grow them at home super fast!

Save money by regrowing these 10 foods that regrow in water without dirt. Perfect if you don't have room for a garden & trying to save a few bucks! Regrow lettuce, regrow celery... regrow vegetables with one of the best budget tips of the year, and easy for anyone to do! ::

10 Foods that Regrow in Water Alone without Dirt - Perfect way to save money and room for a garden. Regrow lettuce, celery and all kinds of vegetables.