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Loaded veggie grilled cheese sandwich - So good! Instead of putting the spinach in the olive oil leave it raw or cook in chicken stock to eliminate some of the oiliness. Otherwise AWESOME sandwich!

Party Time - The Pampered Chef®

Party Time - The Pampered Chef® Stressed out about hosting a bash tonight or tomorrow? Check out my website for some great, EASY New Year's Eve ideas!biz/carriedrake Click the "Inspiration" tab and have fun!

Tiramisu II

Tiramisu II Coffee and rum soaked biscuits + mascarpone egg mixture + whipped cream layers Allrecipes .

Crash Hot Potatoes | The Pioneer Woman Cooks | Ree Drummond

Pioneer Woman Crash Potatoes - my kids call them Smashed Potatoes. Whatever you call them, they're crispy, crunchy, and easy, yet still pretty healthy. red new potatoes oven fried in olive oil.

Crisp Red Potatoes with Garlic-Herb Oil

Crisp Red Potatoes with Garlic-Herb Oil The grill gives the boiled potatoes just the right amount of crispness, plus a deliciously smoky flavor. Add garlic, and this dish becomes the surprise hit of the menu: really simple, and really good.

These sweet dinner finales are small in size but big in flavor.

Mini Cannoli Cream Pastry Cups from Pillsbury. Can use puff pastry or your own favorite pastry. I don't like hard shell cannoli so this sounds appealing.