so true!

bahahahahahaha <-- Haha, I didn't say that well this is the.first pin i changed the caption to lol so guilty!

too funny

Next time a blocked number calls your cell, answer, "Charlie's whore house, you got the dough, we got the ho.


Funny Confession Ecard: Thank you for informing me you have a stick figure family of six. Your mini van had me under the impression you were wild and single.


This will be me on Easter trying to recover from the black party. Funny Weekend Ecard: I don't remember much from last night, but the fact I need sunglasses to open the fridge this morning tells me it was awesome!


I am on the wagon.perhaps I need to be in the wagon? Wanting me to pull her around hiwassee in a wagon


Free and Funny Breakup Ecard: one day he'll wake up and realize how amazing she really was and when that day comes she will be waking up next to the man who already knew


Homework with 3 kids, inevitably at least 2 will complain and whine and one worksheet takes forever to do.I love no homework Fridays.


Funny Teacher Week Ecard: Don't tell me teachers don't work in the summer.


Thanks for calling. At the beep, please hang up and just send me a brief text. I seriously don't have time to listen to lengthy voice mails.

Well said!!

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: Sometimes I feel sorry for judgmental people and their boring lives. Other times I'm jealous. I wish I had that much time to worry about things that are none of my business.