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How to Create a Budget: Easy, Step by Step Directions. Complete One Step a Week! _she kind of hurts my head with all the numbers and explanations... but it's great.


How To Clean (Almost) Anything And Everything


Parmesan Crusted Chicken {Hellmann's Mayo Recipe}

"OMG Chicken" Just mix Sour Cream or Yogurt (1/2 c) and parm cheese (1/4 c). Spread over chicken breast in a baking dish, sprinkle italian bread crumbs on top and bake for 20-30 minutes.


One a Day: Throw These 116 Things Away

Instead of setting aside a huge block of time to take care of months' or years' worth of clutter, take baby steps by throwing away only one type of item a day. And by throwing away, I mean recycling, selling, donating, or — as the last resort — trashing.

Saving Money on Meat without using Coupons

Saving on meat can be difficult. However, I am here to help. Check out these EASY 7 Ways to Save on Meat without using Coupons! You really can save money on meat.